I have been listening and dancing to your group since 1960. How fortunate we were as teens in Midland to be able to dance almost every friday night to a Rock n' Roll Band of your calibre. Excellent vocals, skilled musicians and,wow, such energy. I attended your concert at Olde Town Terrace in Collingwood yesterday. (July 29th, 2012). The joint was rockin'! The sound was amazing. Your passion for music and performing shines through. Your numbers are arranged extremely well. I purchased the CD and it, too, is great. In my 66 years, I have attended many concerts with top name groups and your band still ranks up there with the best of them! Thanks for another wonderful day of fabulous music!
Barbara (Dalrymple) Sharp – July 2012

The band is really tight and the mix out front was excellent. Could hear everything crystal clear and the balance was very good. So nice to hear a live band without the excesses of bass and kick drum that often seem to destroy the overall mix.
Had a lot of fun. Tell the guys that your old guitar player from The Majestics thought they were terrific. Really captured the feel I remember in those old tunes.

Dave – August 2012

…. there was so much happening on stage and we had so much fun...  I couldn't get over the crowd reaction and how the Grass Dance floor filled from the very first song. When they took a break the same thing happened on the first song back on stage… I was there with my family ….and  Grandfather had a wonderful time.
Kempenfest 2012

Joe wrote: "Russ thank you - drove up for a great show my friend - you magnified that big screen - give my congrats to Gary - his voice is superb with the years.
Kempenfest 2012

"I have been to see you as many times as I can since I was invited by friends to see you 5 years ago.  It was a dream come true.  It brought back memories of sitting in front of my mirror with curlers in my hair and listening to the radio and all the great songs you sing.  It really brings back so many memories of those good times."
Kathy - North Simcoe Recreation Centre – July, 2011

"What a great night! I don't know if any of us are getting older but your group is sure getting better. You still have the touch with the audience and what a spread of great music you provided for all of us. I was truly impressed by many things and even more as I sat there watching and listening instead of dancing. Madeleine was wonderful as was Russ, Bill, Bert and of course Gary’s performances of Elvis & Orbison were fantastic."
Chester – King’s Wharf Theatre, Penetanguishene – May, 2011

"Absolutely love the new CD - everyone is featured at their best.  I can tell you that my copy of this CD is gonna get a lot of play...I just love it!
Linda - 2013

"Your tunes just make a body feel 17 all over again...sort of!!! ….
Carol and John, Collingwood Elvis Festival, July 2010


Critics rave about the Martels Rock n' Roll Show!

"I cannot exaggerate how much I enjoyed your show. I loved it! When you are still smiling every time you think about it a couple of weeks later, you know it was a special night.
Ian Boddy - Owen Sound Homecoming chairman

"A musical feast - The Martels give a textbook lesson on how to put a show together!"
John Swartz, Orillia Packet & Times

"This 10-piece group of singers, musicians and dancers will have you dancing ­ or just standing, listening and watching in total amazement!"
Canadian Street Rodder Magazine.

"It's startling to see the Martels' promo kit...and Gary French can sell a song. Some singers command an audience and some don't. French does!"
Gig Magazine.

…Bobby Curtola with The Martels…

Read about how The Martels played a part in the early years of Bobby Curtola, one of Canada’s first teen idol pop stars.
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